morongod creates visuals for artists of any kind. Our unique ability to capture art is an art of itself, and deserves to be paired with unique artists.

We offer a variety of services to our clients, including:

  • Live Performance Photo/Video

  • Promotional/Editorial Photo/Video

  • Music Videos

  • Artist Branding Development

  • BTS Coverage

  • Album/EP/Single Art

  • Release Marketing Campaign Strategy

  • Graphic Design 

  • Web Development

  • Advertising/Marketing strategy & consulting

  • Audience Creation & Building

  • Merch Design/Distribution

  • Music Festival Coverage

  • Live Audio/Visual Recording Sessions

  • Commercials/Ad Campaign Build-Outs

  • Facebook/Instagram/Google Media Buying

DSC01290 2.JPG

Photo by Amber Rose Dwyer

What is morongod?

morongod is a community.

morongod is the ever fleeting fact (if we choose to ignore it) that we are in control of our reactions to the outside stimulus of a noisy, harsh world.

morongod is the ability to create a life worth living.

morongod is knowing the difference between necessary and unnecessary suffering.

morongod is The End of Suffering.